Jun 9, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Camping with the Girl Guides (Vlog Edition)

Here are the photos I mention in the vlog –

The outside of our cabin.  Not too bad, right?

Inside the cabin.  My bed, if you can actually call it that, is the one at the back on the bottom left.  I’m used to a king sized bed.  That is NOT a king sized bed.  lol

It’s hard to see in this photo, but that pile of dark…yeah…those are the dead ladybugs.  They were just there, in a pile.  No one swept them together there.  That’s just where and how they died.  Creepy.  And gross.  Let’s not forget gross.

But the girls all had lots of fun…and I guess in the end, so did I.

And I got to look at this view.  Just beautiful.  🙂

Camping with the Girl Guides.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

Can’t view the video?  Click here.

  1. LMAO. Well Julie I’m glad that you did end up enjoying most of it and I’m so happy that your daughter had fun. I loved when you were talking about you trying to calm her down while also being creeped out yourself. The way you said how you were looking at Jason like “Don’t leave me here!” and then looking at your daughter going “Oh this is great, everything is fine.” OMG it cracked me up! The helping clean out the toliet thing was pretty nasty! At least you’ll volunteer next year. 🙂 That should be a sign right?!

  2. Julie, Julie, Julie, you don’t know how many times this vlog made me laugh out loud. You are so like me (I’m older). I have never camp and I’m not planning on doing it anytime soon (never). I told everybody: You want to go anywhere with me, sure I’ll be glad to come if there is a clean bed and clean bathroom. Tent? what’s that? I don’t speak that language, I don’t understand. LOL
    As always I love your vlog. Thank you for sharing this “nice” experience. 🙂

  3. Liked this as a vlog for a change! Also much funnier! I think you put me off camping for life! Yet you’ve be doing it again! The things you do for your children, bless you!

  4. Deanna – The reason we were using kitchen tongs in the toilets is because there were no gloves. I think I’m sort of happy there were no gloves. LOL

    Bookaholic Cat – Well, my older and wiser friend… My ideal vacation is just like yours. A nice hotel in a nice, not too busy city or town with some spending money to do what I want and eat where I want. That is bliss. 😉

    Ally – That’s what motherhood is all about. Doing crap you wouldn’t normally do so your kids could enjoy themselves. I am noticing that…and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. lol

  5. MichelleKCanada says:

    OMG that sounded like my biggest nightmare. I REALLY hate camping too! Like really really hate it. Your video reconfirmed how much I hate it.
    Oh the toilet tongs! You poor woman. The dead bugs. URGh! Can I just say now that you are a better mother than me.
    I have 3 boys and I still cant muster up the effort to go camping.

    Good on you! MichelleKCanada

  6. Michelle – I don’t blame you. With three boys! Holy cow that would be quite the adventure. You would need a vacation after your camping vacation! 😉

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