Jun 11, 2011

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News – Titles Announced!

Two titles were announced this week by two authors whose series I quite enjoy.

First of all, Jennifer Estep announced that the sixth book in her Elemental Assassin series will be called…*drumroll*

By a Thread

I like it.  It works well with the other titles in the series.  Here is what she said about it on her blog:

As far as plots go, I’m jok­ingly refer­ring to By a Thread as Gin on vaca­tion. Gin decides to get out of Ash­land for a few days but finds her­self in as much trou­ble as ever. And you know how Gin likes to deal with trou­ble.

Also, it looks like this title will be released in February 2012.

Next up is the title for book 8 in Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series.  It will be called… *drumroll*

Magic Without Mercy

Cool!  This installment will be the before last in the series….so you know it will be jam-packed with tons of exciting happenings!  Devon says this about it:

MAGIC WITHOUT MERCY is the second-to-last book in the series, and I am not only sweeping up a metric ton of plot bits, I am also lining everything up for that last rush into the final book.

See!  It will be filled with exciting happenings!  This one is due in stores April 2012.)

And finally Jeaniene Frost announced the title for Vlad’s (wait for it) series!  Vlad and Leila’s series will be called *drumroll*

Night Prince

I LOVE it!  It’s just super perfect!  Jeaniene says:

Okay, why “Night Prince”? For one, the word “Night” will – hopefully – let readers know at a glance that these stories are set in the same world as my Night Huntress series and Night Huntress World novels. Second, contrary to the most popular fictional rendering of Vlad the Impaler, he was not a Count. He was essentially a Prince of Wallachia during his reign (Wallachia now being part of modern-day Romania). So there you have the Prince part of the series title.

The first book is tentatively due in February 2012.

Exciting stuff, right?

  1. Ohhh Vald – I can’t wait for his book. I just love him to death…:)

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction 🙂

  2. Escape by Fiction – I was just saying that very thing to someone the other day. In fact, after Cat and Bones, Vlad is my favorite character…and he’s gaining on those two fast!

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