Jun 24, 2011

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Review: Hounded by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Chronicles #1)

Urban Fantasy
May 3 2011
Mass Market Paperback
289 pages
Del Rey

Yummy Man – Atticus O’Sullivan

From Goodreads
Tempe, Arizona is as far removed from paranormal activity as is possible. And that’s where Atticus O’Sullivan, rare book salesman, herb peddler, and 2,000 year old Druid the last of his kind has decided to set up shop. He’s been on the run, guarding a very powerful sword from a very angry ancient Celtic god for over two millennia now. But while these years have been good to him Atticus has become more powerful than he could have possibly imagined The Morrigan, a very old god of death, has predicted death and doom for our hero, and it’s up to Atticus, with help from a pride of werewolves, and a gorgeous bartender possessed by an Indian witch, to stay alive, hopefully for another thousand years.


Many first happened to me while I read Hounded, the first book in Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles series.  Firstly, it was the first time I read a book written in a first person perspective as told from a man’s point of view.  Secondly, it was really the first time I read a full-on Urban Fantasy book.  Meaning, it didn’t have any real romantic elements to it.  Thirdly, this was the first time since high-school that I read a book written by a man.  Yup.  My first time.  Now I can go around saying that Kevin Hearne popped my “book written by a boy” cherry.  Okay, that sounds a little creepy.  Maybe I’ll just keep that between you and me…

Hounded is a very full and busy book.  Because of that, I am not even going to attempt to tell you what happens.  Just know that it is all very entertaining and original stuff.  The main hero in this series is Atticus and he is a Druid.  *hi Atticus* Kevin has written such a wonderful and smart character.  So smart!  There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t like him.  Atticus’ sense of humor is dry and clever and I often found myself giggling while reading his thoughts and dialogue.  He is a strong contender for my favorite character list; that’s how much I enjoyed reading him.

I also enjoyed each and every secondary character.  From the werewolf lawyer to the elderly widow to the slightly possessed barmaid, they were all written extremely well.   And Oberon, Atticus’ wolfhound, is probably my favorite of them all.  Because he is magical, Atticus was able to teach Oberon to think so he could be understood.  Therefore Atticus can converse with him in his mind.  That dog is a riot!  You know how sometimes in books talking animals are just a little much and border on (or just flat out sit on) cheesy-doo?  That is not the case with Oberon.  He brings out the caring side of Atticus (because one of his other sides is pretty much “it’s your shit so I don’t give a shit” but in the very best way).  Hey, there is a reason why Atticus has survived for over twenty-one centuries!  But trust me, the dog is made of awesome and you will instantly love him like I did.

Every action, every item and every person comes along with an explanation.  Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because in a very detailed world based on a mix of truth and myth, it’s sort of necessary so you don’t get completely lost.  But it’s not something I’m really used to.  I’m used to reading books that contain thought patterns like “Oh my, he’s hot.  We should suck face” then “Oh my, she’s hot.  We should suck face” then… you guessed it…they proceed to suck face.  Okay, not really.  The books I read tend to be more intelligent than that, but you catch my drift.  The explanations that come along with Kevin’s story telling really help build the world he’s created out of Fae lore and pretty much every other type of mythological lore out there.  It really works.

When I reached the 50% mark of this book, I was really liking it and knew I would want to continue on with this series but I just didn’t see myself wanting to run out to the bookstore immediately after reaching ‘the end’ to buy it.  Well…  Once I actually reached ‘the end’, I told Jason that we needed to get into the car and drive the 40 or so minutes to the nearest bookstore because I just had to buy Hexed and read it immediately.  (Not because it has a cliff hanger ending but because I just wanted to keep reading these characters!)  I am crazy swamped with my reading schedule, and it will be even worse now that I’ve squeezed in a book, but it’s totally worth it.  Fantasy book lovers everywhere, check out this book.  Yes, it’s that good.  Even if it was written by a boy.  *g*

4.5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“Hal Hauk had already secured a table inside Rùla Bùla near the window, and he had ordered a pint of Smithwick’s for each of us.  I was both pleased and disappointed by the gesture, for it meant I wouldn’t get to go to the bar myself and take a whiff of the barmaid.

That’s not as creepy as it sounds.”


“’Can she be trusted?’

‘Absolutely,’ I replied.  ‘Two days ago she watched me kill someone, and she offered me her backyard as a place to hide the body.’

‘Truly?’  Magnusson raised his eyebrows in surprise.  ‘That’s a fine woman.’”


Books in the Iron Druid Chronicles series –
Hammered (July 2011)
Tricked (May 2012)
Trapped (December 2012)
Hunted (2013)

  1. Lol, even if written by a boy.

    I did try the short story but perhaps it was to short for me to see the awesomeness of the book

  2. I loved both Hounded and Hexed, patiently waiting for Hammered. I had actually preordered all 3 books before they came out because I had such high expectations and I have not been disappointed! I’m a huge fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden series also and I think I may end up loving Atticus as much as I do Harry 😉

  3. Loved these books too. Kevin Hearne is a freaking riot and I love, LOVE that I don’t have to wait a whole year for the second and third books in the series.

    Atticus is the man!

  4. Jennifer E says:

    I have not started this book yet, but its on my shelf. Looks like I need to go pick up the second book…or wait till the third is out to read it. 🙂

  5. blodeuedd – I am going to have to check out the short story. Thanks!

    Ashley – I have to read Dresden. I really really do.

    Sara – Atticus IS the man. lol

    Jennifer – There are no cliffhangers so you can read the two now. Plus, the third one is coming out in a matter of days. Days! Woot!

  6. Julie Witt says:

    I’m reading Hounded right now and I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’m a little over halfway through it and I’ve already gone over to Amazon and ordered Hexed! I love Atticus and Oberon! They are my new heroes 🙂

  7. I’ve been waiting to see your review of this book (see, you’re quite the authority). I’ve read “full on UF’s” and male written, male perspective books. They have been hit and miss for me so that’s why I was waiting to see what my trusted bloggers said.I’m getting this one for sure.
    BTW the covers are gorgeous.

  8. Julie – Oh Oberon! Love love love!!!

    Em – Well thank you! *blushes* You’ll have to let me know what you think once you are done. And you are absolutely right – the covers are beautiful!

  9. Oh Julie, I can wait to read it… just one more week and this book will be in my greedy hands.
    Great review!!

  10. Oh, fabulous review, cherry and all. Loved those quotes you pulled out.

  11. Bookaholic Cat – Read it as soon as you get your hands on it. Don’t even unlock the door! 😉

    Carolyn – Thanks! There are so many great quotes in this book, but they were too spoilery to post.

  12. Oh Julie, you made me kick myself even harder for not reading this book yet! I really need to read this book sooner than later but now it’s going to have to wait till August because of my Christmas in July plus my rule that I must read all my books on the kindle this month. 🙁 Damn!!!!! So happy that you enjoyed the book Julie. I can’t wait to dive into it. 😀

  13. oooh, I am really tempted to go pick this one up….BAD, Julie! There is no more room in my TBR pile! smiles…

  14. Geez, that’s unvielebable. Kudos and such.

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  18. Great response, Dustin! Inside edition, though, is all about sensationalizing anyway, so they very possibly would have made the entire process seem tawdry and put a spin you or your client wouldn’t have liked. Just like the untoward comments on the statesman page. Keep doing great work, and helping keep the bar raised on portraits and service in our industry!

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