Jun 20, 2011

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Question – Where Do You Keep Your Books?

This week’s Question is an easy one.  And it’s one that everyone can participate in.

(Here comes the little story part that often comes with these posts)

When I first started reading, I had maybe 10 books.  I put them in my clothes closet and that was all good and well.  Then I became obsessed and maybe even a little bit addicted (maybe) to reading and to buying books.  Suddenly I had no home for my books and I was sad.  Okay not really, but I couldn’t just have them sitting there in the middle of my bedroom floor.  Jason would kick them then curse and blame me for his injuries.  I really have no idea why I would get blamed, but moving on.  Then a light went off, so I changed the light bulb and that’s when I saw it.  The perfect solution.  I had a wonderful armoire just sitting in my bedroom that was currently housing stupid unnecessary stuff.  It used to house Jason’s work shirts when he had to jazz up for work, but they changed the dress code so he didn’t need fancy shirts anymore.  I thought if I placed a bookshelf in that armoire that it could become my very own book storing place.  So I bought  shelf and placed it inside and put my books in there and voila!  When it was all done, I christened it ‘my book closet’.  It’s perfect and I love it.

Now my book closet houses my ‘to-reads’ and my ‘keepers’.  What happens to the books I don’t see myself reading again ever?  Well, they end up in a box in my basement and I donate them to my library when they have fund-raising used book sales (something I just became aware that they do!)

So there you have it.  My story of where I put my books.  Can you guess what my Question is this week?  You got it.

Where do you keep your books?

  1. Bookshelves 😉 Here and at my parents place. Simple as that
    But I like your idea

  2. I have no bookshelf and I keep my books in my closet. Sad but true.

  3. MichelleKCanada says:

    Well thank goodness for Kindles because I’ve got 300 or so books stored nice and safe on my little magical device. hee hee

    However, if I started a series with a book I need to continue so it matches. Also, there were all the books pre-Kindle right.
    I have 4 shelves built into my clothes closet. I have them organized by genre and author, hardcover and paper/tradeback. I really do love my books and I feel happy seeing them all organized. I’d love to have a room dedicated to my books but I don’t think my kids would appreciate me kicking them out so I can have a “library”. Maybe one day when they are off to university.

    You have a nice shelf and storage space too.


  4. Unoriginal but on a bookcase in my bedroom and living room. But the books I don’t plan on keeping go in my swap bucket which is one of those beer buckets where you’re meant to add lots of ice and beer bottles 🙂

    At my Mum’s I have a built-in wardrobes and one of them was for old books once my bookcase was full and I liked that idea but they had deep shelves and I found it hard to see the the books.

    I still love your book closet!

  5. We have five bookshelves in the living room,and my favorite books are in a shelf in my room. I love your book closet though and the bookmarks and notes that are hung on the back.

  6. I have an overflowing bookcase in my bedroom plus a 2 in my basement and several boxes full of books as well. Occasionally there will be a pile of my books/library books on my bedroom floor as well.

  7. I absolutely love your ‘book closet’! It is too cute. Wish I had one. Kind of need one too. I know I have some books that I can’t even find right now. 🙁

  8. I have 2 book shelves and I have books on top of other books and in front of other books. I got a Kindle over a year ago thinking it will help me save on shelf space but I can’t stay away from book stores. Can’t tell you how many books I have on my shelf AND my Kindle.

  9. blodeuedd – I would love to have bookshelves but I can’t trust the kids not to take all the books down. lol

    NotNessie – Not so sad. If I had room in my closet I would have left them there. Easier to hide from my husband. 😉

    Michelle – I’m already contemplating the idea of turning my son’s room into a ‘library’ when he goes off and gets married. He’s only 3 right now. 😉

    Ally – My book closet is two to three books deep. Not the best, but it works fine. And I love your shelves. I see them on your vlog and drool a little.

    Skye – I have more stuff to stick in my book closet. I just haven’t had the time. Faves in your room is an excellent idea!

    Bumps in the Road – Piles are fun. I can’t do that because of the size of my house vs. the traffic, but I would totally have piles everywhere if I could. lol

    Alyssa – But think of it this way: One day, when you come across your ‘lost’ books, you’ll have super books treasures!

    Paranormal Haven – It our darn addiction. Book stores are just too amazing to stay away from even though we don’t need more books and don’t have room for more books. I totally get where you are coming from!

  10. I used to keep my books in boxes in my closet until we moved into our new house. The office quicly became my own and I’ve filled just about every wall with book cases. I’ve dedicated each shelve to a particular favorite author or signed copy,(Nora Roberts has her own bookcase) and the one’s I don’t intend to read again get packed up and sent to a donation site.

  11. I, too, dream of a library one day. For now, though, I have bookshelves in the living room and my office…and there’s generally a stack of books that have migrated to the “reading” room (a.k.a. the bathroom). And I can usually find at least one or two of my collection in my daughter’s room…or on the piano…or in the dining room…or the kitchen…

    Hm…not seeing much point in a library, now that I think about it… 🙂

  12. Mine are all over the place..I have them in my book closet, which I created after seeing yours, bookcase, kitchen table, nightstand…basically all over. It’s a good thing I live by myself. 🙂

  13. Sapphire says:

    I have a bookshelf in my Hubby’s computer room and piles on the side table and coffee table in the living room. Plus boxes in the closet and dining room. My hubby complains every time we move cuz he has to carry all the heavy boxes. So he let me buy a Nook. But the deal was I’d go mostly digital, so I’ve been downsizing. No more piles on the tables and my bookshelf is no longer overflowing. Plus I had to get rid of some boxes. Lol. He even said he’d rather have me re-buy my physical books on my Nook so I could get rid of the hard copies. I couldn’t see e logic in that tho.

  14. In bookcases and stacked on my dinner table, my desk, on my night stand, in storage boxes….

    Yeah, I know. I have issues.

  15. Blackwater Mama says:

    Well, my to~keep pile is on shelves in my closet. I try not to keep too many books since I’m a bookaholic. My TBR mountain is kept on the headboard of my bed . It is a wall unit that has a shelf with mirrors and light at the head above the bed. It can hold a lot of books, thank goodness.

  16. Everywhere..really in bookshelves, in the bathroom, on the couch, on the floor, in bags. Just everywhere.

  17. For my TBR – I have a four shelf barrister bookcase…and it’s full and 2 deep on each shelf and on top of one another. I try to keep one shelf for RS, 1 for PNR, 1 for contemp and 1 for “all others’. As far as the books go that I have read? I have 3 other book cases and other in boxes and slide under the bed storage containers. I gots lots of books!

  18. Jeannie – *dreamy sigh* Sounds perfect.

    Linda – ‘the reading room’ LMAO!

    Buckeye Girl – So Colette, why did you even go through the trouble of ‘making’ a book closet? 😉

    Sapphire – He was encouraging you to buy books?! Wow. But not, I don’t see the logic in that either. lol

    Jen – But how fun it must be to look anywhere and see books! 🙂

    Blackwater Mama – Sounds like the perfect place to put your to-read pile. 🙂

    adelle – I bet that would make a funny picture. Books books everywhere! *g*

    Judi – That is one HUGE to-read pile! lol

  19. I pretty much do what you do. I have shelves in my closet (It’s a big walk-in with built in shelving). It started as one shelf, and now it’s 3.5 shelves, plus the books in boxes (to donate to the library!)

  20. PS… and my Kindle. I’ve been e-reading for 1.5 years now, so I have a lot on there. Saves space for my clothing!

  21. In my living room I have two floor to ceiling bookcases that flank a window. On the upper half are all those pretty hardcover books and some knick-knacks. The lower four shelves of each are covered with doors and in there are the treasures; my fab collection of pop-up books and paperack HR’s in one bookcase and in the other all my PNR and anthologies. These, in the living room, are all keeper books. In the bedroom I have two Amazon invisable bookshelves behind the bedroom door with books climbing almost to the ceiling; these are TBR’s. Also since I just scored 26 paperbacks at the BIG Library book sale and 19 previously at a used book store’s going-out-of-business sale, I now have those piled in the corner of the bedroom. Hubby is installing bookshelves in our TV room so that will be where the “floor” books will go. I must stop this book buying madness!!!!

  22. Pre-Kindle, I kept my keepers on a bookshelf. A.K. (Anno Kindle-i), well, duh!

  23. twimom – Gah! Who needs clothing when you can use the space for books? 😉

    Dot – You have a LOT of books. lol

    Regina – Thank goodness for eReaders. 🙂

  24. I keep them in bookcases in the guest room/Kosita’s room. But since I got my reader (18 months or so) I keep them in an external hard drive 🙂

  25. I love how your unwanted books end up in diaper boxes! 😛

    My books right now are in two places. The ones I’ve bought since I’ve moved back in with my parents go on a three shelf bookshelf type thing that my TV sits on top of. It’s very deep so the books that I’ve read and I’m keeping go to the back of the bookshelf while the ones I have to read are at the front. The books that I love and want to keep but already read, previous to moving, are in my storage unit waiting for the day I move into my own place again.

    The unwanted books go to the Dusty Bookshelf where I sell them to them and get store credit to buy more. 😀

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