Jun 23, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – More Conversations With My Family

Set up – The 4 three year old toddlers are having snack time. Let’s name them toddler 1, toddler 2, toddler 3 and toddler 4. (I know, ingenious right?)

toddler 1 (out of nowhere):  Me going to Africa!

Me:  Oh really?!  Who told you about Africa?

toddler 1:  *looks at me with blank expression*  Me going to Africa and go see lots of animals!

Me:  You’re right.  In Africa there are elephants and giraffes!

toddler 1:  Yes elephants!

Me:  Who are you going to Africa with?

toddler 1:  Grandma and grandpa.

Me:  What a special trip that will be!  Do you know that Africa is very very far away?  It’s on the other side of the ocean!

toddler 1:  Me going to see elephant!

Me:  That would be…

toddler 2 – I’m going to Africa too and I’m going to see monkeys!

toddler 3 – Me too and me see zebras!

toddler 4 – Me too and me going to see lots and lots of penguins!

Me:  Um…well.  It needs to be colder to see pengu…

toddler 1:  And me going to go down the big slide!

Me: Wha?

toddler 2:  Me too!  The big slide in Africa is really fun!

Me:  O-o

toddler 3 – Oh a slide!  Me too, me too!

toddler 1 – Big slide in Africa!  I go with elephant down big slide!

Me:  Oh brother…


Set up – Jason and I are sitting at the dinner table with my daughter and son having supper.

Daughter:  Mommy, at school today I saw a bird poo.

Me:  Well, that’s interesting…

Jason:  Do you want to see daddy poo?

Me:  You’re disgusting.

Daughter:  No.

Jason:  Aw, but you saw the bird poo. *pathetic sad face*

Daughter:  Well, okay.

Me:  *heads table then looks at Jason*  What is wrong with you?…


Set up – This is another of our dinner conversation. Tadpoles. *sigh* My daughter, after her stay at my parents’ house a short while back, comes home with almost 40 tadpoles!  Most, thank goodness, were sent to her school where her class is watching them grow.  I asked her how the little guys were doing at school.

Daughter – *sigh* They are all still alive. (I’ll explain the *sigh* – all but one of the tadpoles that we kept at the house ended up dying)

Me – That’s great!  I wonder how your teacher is managing to keep them alive yet we weren’t able to keep ours alive.

Jason – She’s probably at home cursing us while taking pH measurememnts of the water and cleaning the bowl.

Me – I wonder if she’s married.  If she’s not, she’d have more time to care for them.  Does she have a ring on her hand?

Daughter – I never seen married rings on her hand.

Jason – Is she hot?

Me – Did you seriously just ask our six year old daughter if her teacher was hot?

Jason – What?  It’s good information to have in case you drop dead right this minute.

Me – *gives Jason the look of death*

Jason – *voice slightly quivering* Are you planning on dropping dead right this minute?

Me – *gives Jason the look of death *

Jason – What?  It’s good to be prepared!

Conversations with my family.  Just another one of my life’s quirks




  1. LMAO Jason is the evil twin of Yiğit (DH). The things they say are so freaking similar, lol. Sometimes I want to kill him, but he is hilarious and make me laugh everyday. I love him for that. 🙂

  2. Oh you two 😉

  3. That is too funny. The more important question is, should he worry about dropping dead right this minute?

  4. LMAO! Men…

  5. LMAO how special is your husband?!
    I just had to awww at the children being so cute and child-like lol!

  6. Bookaholic Cat – I feel the same way about my Jason.

    blodeuedd – I know right. But what is this ‘you guys’? That would be all Jason. 😉

    NotNessie – LMAO!

    Jen – Tell me about it…

    Ally – Yup. He is special alright… 😉

  7. ROFLMAO!!!!! Yep, that’s funny. You can’t ever say that your life isn’t boring right??!! “What? It’s good to be prepared!” Wow, Jason, just wow! “Me too and me going to see lots and lots of penguins!” Yep, penguins in the hot dessert of Africa…only a toddler can think these things up!!!!

    Thanks for the laughs.

  8. ROFLMAO…OMG, Julie, I love reading these conversations!! Your family is a riot! smiles…

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