Jun 30, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – I’ve Been Told!

Spring here in my part of Canada can be quite unpredictable weather wise.  One day, it could be 35C and the next it could only go up to 9C.  Often, the morning only reaches 12C but by lunch time, it is 25C.  Those are the days where you send your child to school wearing a jacket and they give you ‘that look’ when they get off the school but in the afternoon.  The ‘why did you give me a jacket when I just end up carrying it onto the bus’ look.  Well, mothers know that a jacket was a necessity in the morning so you kids don’t freeze your little buns off so stop looking at us like that and believe that we are your mommies therefore we are always right!

But I digress…

On days like that, I put jeans on in the morning and change into shorts by lunch.  But when the daycare kids are here, the playpens are in my hall and I can’t get into my bedroom easily since one of them is blocking my door.  So after my six year old daughter goes to school, I put my shorts on her bed and eventually change there, leaving my discarded pants on her bed.  Needless to say, removing my pants from her bed before she comes home from school isn’t my highest priority.  With four toddlers running around, I may have other things on my mind.  But apparently, my pants on her bed really bothers my daughter.  I just didn’t realize how much it bothered her until I saw this sign taped to her door:

It says:  “You can not put your pants on my bed.”

I have to admit that when I first saw that sign, I laughed my arse off!  How cute…and not so much at the same time!  But what made me laugh even more was the other sign she put on her door directly under the first one:

It says:  “You can put toys in my room.”

Ahh…a child’s priorities.

I’ve been told.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Hahaha! Most adorable signs ever!

  2. Lol, that first one was good but that second one, awesome

  3. OMG that’s HILARIOUS! I die! DIE!
    your daughter is brilliant.

  4. O.M.G! I love your daughter! That is awesome she’s going to be such an interesting teenager! 😀

  5. You and your husband and your pants 😉


  6. Aw so cute 😀 And I had no idea that your mother tongue was French Julie, and that you speak in French in your family, your daughter’s drawings gave you away 😉

  7. Skye – She did do a good job. lol

    blodeuedd – The second one is very much my daughter. You should see the toys in her room! lol

    Nina – She is brilliant. I never would have thought of making a sign! LOL

    Ally – Let’s not talk about the teenager stuff yet… That scares me. LOL

    Jessica – At least I don’t leave mine on the floor all over my house! 😉

    Stella – I was purely French while growing up. I’ve lost some since moving away from home so now I read and write much better in English, but I still speak it and we are raising our children in a completely bilingual household. 🙂

  8. too cute! So I have to ask, do you all speak French in your house? Suddenly, you have become a woman-of-mystery in my minds-eye! smiles…

  9. LOL. I love the signs…those crack me up! Don’t put your pants on my bed but you can put toys in my room…haha, she has her priorities straight!!!! 😀

  10. OMG little E is adorable and very smart. I love her!

  11. Christi – My daughter was pretty much all English when she started school (we sent her to a French school). Now she is fully bilingual – we are so proud of her. My son is fully bilingual but prefers French. I speak both fluently and Jason is primarily English but he is quite good in French. It’s actually cute hearing him speak it because he does so with a strong English accent. 🙂

    Deanna – Kids are all about priorities! lol

    Bookaholic Cat – She is really smart. I am in so much trouble… lol

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