Jul 2, 2011

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News – Lover Reborn Cover? Not Quite.

This cover image has been floating around blogland lately.

Most say they found it on Goodreads.  Well…it’s not there anymore.  There is nothing on JR Ward’s website.  There’s nothing on Penguin’s website (Canadian or American).  There is nothing on her message boards either – but that’s because they are ‘under construction’ right now.

If I come across a cover and there is no info about it from the author, I usually contact the author to make sure the cover is legit.  Well, it’s impossible to email JR Ward and get a response because she’s just too busy.  But she does pop in on her facebook page from time to time and that is where I found this:

(I did a little editing.  lol)

So this is not the final cover and that would be the reason why it’s not posted anywhere ‘official’.  I for one am glad that it’s just a ‘rough draft’.  I don’t mind Tohr’s face (even though that is not how I imagined him to look) but the hair really is wrong.  But this version of the cover has really peaked my interest and has made me anxious to see what the final cover will look like.

I’ll keep you posted about all this.  And if you guys have come across some newer information, please let me know!

p.s.  It’s back on Goodreads but it’s still not the final cover.

  1. I really am hoping to start this series soon! Hopefully I’ll be able to start it in August or September. I’m glad that you really look into the informaiton before just up and calling it the absolute truth. I normally wait until it’s on the author’s website before I announce it on my blog.

  2. Good good good. Tohr is just not an orange type of guy/vampire.

  3. Deanna – I only hope your waiting to read it will heighten your anticipation and cause you to Love these books like most of us do! (Don’t worry. We’ll still love you even if you don’t. ;))

    Nicole – Something tells me the orange will stay. Actually, I think most will stay. But I agree with you. Since Lover Mine was Red (like Dark Lover) and Lover Unleashed was blue (like Lover Eternal), I thought Lover Reborn may be silver/gray. I think that would have worked better with Tohr’s story.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for posting this! This was my thread with the WARDen and I was lucky to be online when she got on for a few minutes. (Great timing!)
    I wanted to let you know that this cover was first posted on the Wicked Scribes website. I commented on the site to ask where she got it and she informed me it was from Penguin’s NAL catalog for books to be released in Winter 2012. It’s on page 54 and here is the website of the Pdf catalog. http://booksellers.penguin.com/static/pdf/nal-winter12.pdf
    I’m so glad that it is not yet final and I’m crossing my fingers for a change. Tohr’s really not a blonde and I hope he is a little buffer…. someone throw him a cupcake, please!!!

  5. Michelle – I love Wicked Scribes! She’s so on top of things. Thank you so much for letting me know about what you found out. Penguin seems to do that often enough – make a ‘just to say there’s a visual in our catalog’ cover. They did the same with Meljean Brook’s Heart of Steel cover! And how cool that JR answered your facebook query?!?! I think I would have squeed like a little girl. lol (By the way, your cupcake comment made me LMAO!)

  6. Oh… interesting. Thanks for the additional information on the cover!!

  7. threedvlsoneangl says:

    WARDen said the color of Lover Reborn is gold 🙂

  8. threedvlsoneangl – Gold works! It must just look more orange in the picture. Maybe it looks better in person? Thanks for the info!

  9. As far as No’One is concerned, she’s kind of like that girl your best guy friend just started dating: you either liked her going into it, or you were willing to tolerate her for the sake of Tohrment. Again, I felt like she could have been fleshed out a little better, but there’s something compelling about her, so that you can’t help but hope she comes into herself in some way significant. Is she the greatest shellan ever written? No. But do you hope she and Tohrment can make it work? Absolutely. Just like you’d hope for the happiness of anyone you found yourself invested in, as we have been with Tohrment for the last ten years.

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