Jul 4, 2011

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Question – What Is Your eReader?

I have a Kobo eReader.  I must say I have had a love/annoy relationship with it, but the longer I have it, the more content I am with it.  I can read easily on it, I love the ‘book like’ screen and I love how it weighs close to nothing.  How long it takes to power up sometimes gets on my nerves, especially if I only have 5 minutes to sneak in a bit of reading and one whole minute is taken up turning the thing on and clicking on the book I want to read…but other than that, it’s all good.  (By the way, if you want to read my story about me and my Kobo, you can click here and read the review I did a little while back forSwept Away Again.)

There are so many eReaders out there now and each have their good points and their less good points.  Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo…how is one to choose?  And now there is the iPad and the Blackberry Playbook and all the other tablets that are jumping out of the woodwork, the options are looking endless.

So with all the choices, I am curious:  What is your eReader? (Or do you not have one?)

  1. I don’t have one yet, but am beginning to consider the possibility. Reading lots of reviews, gathering my information…of course, by the time I make a decision, they’ll have come out with a whole bunch of new ones and I’ll have to start all over again…sigh. 😉

  2. I borrow the library e.reader, a bebook and I liked it, but yes what’s up with them being so slow? Takes me so much longer to read a book

  3. Hahaha is this were I look like a freak? I now have a kindle and totally love it 100% but I wish it would show the book cover in the list instead of just the title name. I still have my sony reader because I bought it with money my Dad left me although I don’t use it, it’s my back-up just in case!
    Also Monkey/Ryan has an ipad and I’ve read on the ipad kindle app not a big fan but I’m going to try and read on the iBooks app at some point and see what I think 😀
    Do I have an addiction? Possibly, but I like modern technology.

  4. I once thought that e-readers were blasphemy until I purchased my Kindle 3. I absolutely love it. It makes reviewing so much easier.

  5. I have the original Nook and I really like it. The only thing I would change (if anything) is how much it weighs. It’s not horribly heavy, but could be lighter. I bought it rather than the kindle because I didn’t want to be forced to read only mobi formatted books.

  6. Linda – You just have to find one and stick by your decision. Or else you’ll drive yourself crazy. LOL

    blodeuedd – Borrowing from the library is a great idea!

    Ally – Yeah…you’re an odd one. But at least you’ll never have to worry about not having one on hand. LOL

    Jen – I was a little (a lot) wary about eReaders too. But now I’m not. I like it. I still prefer books, but the eReader is not so bad. 😉

    Theresa – My husband has an iPad and is constantly trying to convince me that it’s better than my Kobo. But it’s so heavy! lol

  7. I received the original Kobo for Mother’s Day last year (Best. Gift. Ever!) and I love it. However, I find that book bundles, Lara Adrian’s 8 book bundle for example, takes forever to load chapter to chapter and it does sometimes take forever to power up, but it’s easy to use and the battery has a fairly decent life.

    I also use the Kobo app for my Android powered tablet and it’s a bit of a pain to use. It’s difficult to search through a book, the battery has a ridiculously short lifespan and I’m not crazy about the touch technology.

    Husband is not necessarily as thrilled about ereaders as I am. Books are cheaper and easier to buy. Therefore I’m buying more. 😉

  8. I was an early adopter of ebooks. I’ve had a Kindle for about three years now and I adore it. It’s my precious and I never want to go back to paper books. The only problem with it is the one-click buying which has resulted in my massive, out of control TBR pile LOL – although, in my defense, many of the books were free or bargain-priced. I know some people have a problem with Amazon in general, but their customer service just can’t be beat.

  9. I have a Nook 3G and I LOVE it! I really haven’t had any problems with it. I still read print books, but out of the 25 books I read last month, only 4 were printed.

  10. I have a Kindle. I am mostly happy with it but will completely happy once Library Lending gets here.

  11. Jennifer E says:

    I read off the Kindle app on my iPad. I had a Kindle and had to send it back because it bothered my eyes to read off of it. It helps if I read white lettering on a black back ground..weird huh. The app let’s me play with the fonts unlike the actual Kindle. I enjoy it, but I have to read an actual paper book between ereads.

  12. I have a Kindle 3 WiFi. I LOVE IT!!! So many free books! So easy to use. Light weight. I take it on all my travels, it went to Italy with me this year. I love that the dictionary is included and I can tap into it by just clicking on a word.(this feature is especially helpful when reading historical romances) It holds a charge almost forever. If I see it getting to the half-way discharge point I just plug it in over night. There is no wait time to turning it on and reading, it’s almost intantaneous. Downloads from Amazon are also instantaneous. This is a fab feature for those of us who need instant gratification. I do believe it was Jen D. who convinced me to buy a Kindle. Thanks Jen!

  13. I’ve wanted a Kindle since the first one came out but the price made it a luxury I couldn’t afford. But this past Christmas some friends went in together and got me one and I LOVE it. It’s so light! It has all the right features. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t do color and therefore isn’t the best option for digital copies of kids picture books or graphic novels.

    I recently received an iPad 2 as part of a promotional thing I did for The Nine lives of Chloe King and so far I think it’s great. The battery life is not ideal for using it as your primary ereader and the price is WAY high if you wanted it solely as an ereading device but if you want to enjoy other things on it such as games, social media, web browsing and music it’s worth considering. There’s no way I could have spent that kind of $$$ on myself but if I’d had cash to blow on it I think a tablet device (I’d much rather have the upcoming Amazon version than anything but free is free) is a great all-around-useful gadget I’d want.

    The longer I have an ereader the more I want to switch to all digital even though I love the feel of paper and the smell of books. I love the space saving and having another book ready to start in seconds no matter where I’m at. I could literally be reading in the bathtub and buy a new book. 😀

  14. I have the original Nook. I love it and would read all my books on it except sometimes I find that I can purchase the paperback book cheaper than the e-book.

  15. Michelle in Colorado says:

    I have the Kindle 2 and love it, now I get frustrated when the books I want to read are not available as an e-book.

  16. I have the original Nook and absolutely love it. My husband gave it to me as a wedding gift. He thought it would stop me from buying paperback and hardback covered books. He asked me why I continued to buy print books after he purchased the Nook for me and I answered, “I started the series in print form and I want all the print books to complete my collection for my bookshelf.” His response was to roll his eyes and say, “Whatever.”

  17. I love my Kindle 2 so much I bought my mother-in-law a Kindle 3 for Christmas and she loves it as well! It’s great for people who have arthritis in the hands, because it’s less awkward to hold than a book.

  18. I just got a Kindle, and so far I really like it. (It’s the latest generation, and it’s 3G.) I haven’t used it enough to say I love it, but I do see myself saying that soon!

  19. Sara – I haven’t tried the book bundles. That’s too bad that they are slower to load.

    Jen – I have heard good things about their customer service. 🙂

    Escape by Fiction – Wow. That is a lot of eReading. lol

    Book Vixen – The library lending feature will be cool for you Kindle users. I don’t use it often on my Kobo, but it’s cool that it’s there when I want it.

    Jennifer – That you read best with white letters on a black background. Reading that way would actually hurt my eyes. lol

    Dot – Amazon does offer many great free eBooks!

    Rhianna – OMG you have the sweetest friends ever! And “I could literally be reading in the bathtub and buy a new book.” LMAO!

    Tracy – If you can get the print book for cheaper, that is a sign that the print version is better. 😉

    Michelle – I wonder if one day all books will be available in eFormat. But for now, whether they are is all in the hands of the publishers.

    Catassa – I’ve come to the conclusion that men will never understand how if we start a ‘keeper’ series in print then we have to continue it in print. But really, it makes total sense! lol

    Rebecca – I never thought about the arthritis thing! Great tip!

    Heather – I hope you do end up loving it soon. 🙂

  20. I have a Sony pocket addition. It is a really great eReader I have only had a couple problems with it one being it had locked up once or twice when the battery is close to dying. Another being, like your Kobo, it takes a little for it to start up.

    I do want to try the Kobo eReader and have been thinking about buying one even though there is nothing really wrong with my Sony.

  21. I got my first reader a year and a half ago, it was the sony 600, I loved it, but last September when I came to the States to visit my family I saw the new Kindle 3 and was very impressed with its resolution (the only complain I had with my Sony). So I decided to buy the Kindle 3. After I ordered the Kindle I learned Sony just released a new model (650) with same resolution as Kindle 3. I pulled my hair a little bit for not checking before ordering the Kindle. But when I received the Kindle it and had it in my hands I didn’t like it, especially its plastic feeling and I missed the touch screen option, so I gave the Kindle to my sister and got myself the new 650. I have no complain, I love it and it’s one of my best investments. My sister loves her Kindle and I gave my old Sony to a friend. A happy ending for 3 🙂

  22. I have a kindle. I like it, but it reminds me of an etch-a-sketch.

  23. @ Heidenkind: A etch-a-sketch? Why, if you don’t mind me asking.

  24. Holly – They are fun to shop for even when you already have one, aren’t they. And they each have features that the others don’t have which also makes it tempting to get more than one. 😉

    Bookaholic Cat – And all this time, I thought you had a Kindle. Huh. Well at least you made your sister and friend happy. lol

    heidenkind – I can sort of see that with the gray screen and the shape and all. lol

  25. I have a Sony 505e that I take with me on long distance trips. Otherwise, I read books on my computer and up the font to something really large.

  26. I read on my iPod – it has some advantages and disadvantages. I would love to get a Kindle or a dedicated ereader, mainly for the e-ink and the bigger size, but don’t have the $$. I love though that I have the apps for every store (though I primarily use Stanza) on my iPod and I can use it for everything else as well, including checking on my google reader feed, updating my blog, using the book organiser apps and in general that is a huge advantage to the device. An iPad would be just too large. I’m hoping that eventually Apple will come out with something mid sized.


  27. RKB – I suppose you could make the font quite large on the computer. Good thinking!

    Shelleyrae – If Apple ever came out with a smaller iPad, I think that would cause crazy lineups at their stores – crazier than now. 😉

  28. I have a Nook. Love it, though I still buy paper books as well. I love the convenience of buying a book and not having to leave my house. Also, when I am waiting anxiously for a release, it comes to me via pre-order. No waiting for time to drive to the store. It did take some getting use to, but, I love having it.

  29. I have a Kindle and LOVE it! I would love it the browser was better though, but for reading it is amazing! 😀 Until I had it I was incredulous when it came to ebooks, but now I read 3 times as many ebooks as paperbacks and even prefer reading on my Kindle! 😀

  30. I have Kindle 2 and Kindle 3…I love it!!!! It’s my drug of choice. Amazon’s customer service is fantastic and the books are low cost plus all the freebies…..

  31. I have a Kindle 3. I do believe I’m in love with it a little bit, it’s just a perfect device. I don’t buy paper books at all anymore. If I can’t get a book on my Kindle (Canadian publishers are being idiotic with ebook availability and pricing) then I get it from the library. Otherwise I skip that title.

  32. I have the kindle and it’s ok. I have the original one (which is starting to crap out on me) but it does the job when I need it to. My new smart phone also as a kindle app and I like it so much more. When you turn the pages you just swipe your finger across the screen, you can highlight easily and it tells you how far you are along in your book with a % which I really adore. I believe I will continue reading books on that app for awhile now before I save up money to buy another kindle.

  33. I have a NOOK Color and I LOOOOVE it!!! I wanted something like an e-reader and a tablet so this is Perrrrfect! I love getting e-books from the library and the LendME with your friends. It is easy to keep up with what your friends are reading and post reviews. It is so easy to pick up where you left off in a book. You can bookmark pages, highlight, leave notes and even look up meaning of words with just a touch.
    I take it with me everywhere! It is so nice to have on the go, when I need to look up something on the internet(need WIFI). What others do with a laptop and phone, I do with my nook! I love having apps (especially the e-mail app), although B&N have a short list at this time(on a side note you can get a Micro SD card to ROOT so it will be open to most anything, even a Kindle app but I have not done this). You can also use Calibre on your computer to put some Kindle books on your Nook. My kids love the nook kids and their books, although they don’t use it often cause I’m busy with it! 😉 I really like the size, weight and touchscreen! You can get magazines and newspapers too, but I have not done that yet either. 🙂 What else can I say? I just love it!!!

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